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Our business is making your business shine!

Araliya Cleaning Services

We are proud to provide the highest standard of services to all our customers. We aim to fulfil your needs and exceed your expectations

Office Cleaning

Our business is making your business shine!  Image is everything. Giving your office a fresh and sparkling clean look is what everyone desires.  Considering the environment is the heart of your business, we are here to ensure that your cleaning needs are met and to make sure your environment is gleaming.  As you know your workforce health is important, therefore having a clean and hygienic environment will add value and sustain a welcome look and attract more customers to your  organisation.

This is why we offer you reliable and trustworthy professional cleaners to retain a professional appearance to you and your office environment.  We have a-range of services and we aim to deliver these tailored services to your needs at a highest standard.  This includes regular basic cleaning, spring cleaning and deep cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning

At Araliya, we offer flexible commercial cleaning to suit your needs.  We offer regular carpet cleaning, one off deep cleaning or daily office cleaning.  We can provide trustworthy, competent and highly trained cleaners to meet your needs.  It is very essential to retain a professional look and a clean office environment for both your clients and staff.

Therefore let us take a weight off your shoulder and deliver our flexible and reliable services tailored to your needs.  So call us whatever your cleaning needs are and we will address them.  We understand you want less disruption to your working day and this is why we have our team of cleaners to suit your office hours.

Our range of commercial cleaning services include daily or weekly cleaning, carpet cleaning one off deep cleaning, washroom cleaning, emergency cleaning and back up cleaners, Araliya can provide these for you.

New Build

We provide reliable and efficient cleaners who have a number of years of experience in new build cleaning.  We understand all the challenges that you may experience in new build houses, offices, shops, factories and new build refurbishment projects.  Therefore Araliya offers scheduling flexibilities at the end of a new built. Whatever your needs are we can provide flexible services to get your premises completed in no time.  We will remove all the waste discarded by the builders.  This includes bits of plaster bricks, nails, leftover wood and paper.

We can clean your new built project completely and make the site ready for the final finishing touch.  We will remove all the excessive waste, deposits, plaster dust, any left over bits and pieces of materials, tile adhesive and grout.  Please note skips are to be provided by the project manager, contractor or owner of the project or property.  Having completed these, we will clean and give the place a brighter look and will leave the project for further development or decorations so the project facilitator or the developer can get it ready for occupancy.

Commercial Services

We provide Contract Cleaning Services for Business, whether you have one or two employees or hundreds.  We can provide general office clean such as general tidying, vacuuming and rubbish removal and recycling.  We also also provide Floor Washing and Polishing, Carpet Cleaning and Spot Removal.  We can also provide a range of Rest-Room Sanitary Services.  Please call us and we can negotiate a suitable contract that fulfils your needs on 01256 411603 or 0744 847 7617 line open between 9am – 9pm 7 days a week.

Car Parks Clean

Car Parks change many locations.  Car Parks great when it’s new however, over the years of extreme weather conditions your Car Parks will begin to look grubby, oily, dirty, may grow algae and may deposit other substances causing it to lose its original look.  Our High Pressure Rotary Cleaning equipment can clean your Car Park including Concrete Slab, Natural Stone, Tarmac, Crazy Paving, Pattern Imprinted Concrete to a high standard far above what can be achieved with a normal jet washer while using far less water.

Letting Agents

We offer professional services for landlord, letting agents and commercial services.  These include Tenancy Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Oven Cleaning, Stain Removal, Carpet Cleaning, Wooden Floors, Blinds, Upholstery and Soft Furnishing Cleaning and Tile Floor Cleaning.  We can provide you with a basic cleaning, spring cleaning or a deep cleaning to suit your requirements.

Office Cleaning Short Inquiry

We are passionate about cleaning, we not only aim to meet your expectations we aim to exceed them!